Gorilla Forks

From the Designers and Manufacturers of Bucket Solutions™ , The #1 Worldwide Seller of Universal Quick Attach Clamp On Accessories for Tractors and Skid Steer Loaders, comes Gorilla Forks™ the New Patent Pending Quick Attach Clamp On Accessory that fit All Standard Hand Trucks and Ladders.This 1 product attaches to All Standard Hand Trucks, Dollies, Ladders and more!

When it comes to getting more use from your Hand Truck, Dollie or Ladder, Gorilla Forks™ is the #1 and Only *Patent Pending product, designed, engineered strong and easy to use, able to handle almost anything. Turn your Hand Truck in to a Stacking Chair Mover, a Folding Chair Mover, Student Desk Mover, Table Mover, or add a Trash Bag Holder or Shelf or Tool Holder to your Hand Truck, Dollie or Ladder. You can even use as a Nose Plate Extender on your Hand Truck and Dollie to move large, heavy and bulky loads.

Use a Gorilla Forks™ tool holder or shelf on your ladder when painting or repairing your home or office. Add a Gorilla Forks™ Trash Bag Holder on your Ladder when Cleaning the Gutters.

Industries Served: Universities, Schools, Churches, Hotels, Conference Centers, Farm and Ranch, Home and at the Office.