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Worldwide Sales Potential

  • Almost everyone owns or uses a Hand Truck or Ladder at home or at work.
  • A Great Way to Sell More Hand Trucks and Ladders.
  • For Homeowners, or at the Office, Hotels, Schools, Government, Convention Facilities, Etc.
  • Securely attaches to any standard Hand Truck for moving Stacking Chairs, Folding Chairs, Desks, Tables, Large Over Sized Loads or add a Trash Bag Holder or Shelf and Tool Holder on any standard Ladder.

Fast and Easy Installation

  • One Gorilla ForkTM attaches in seconds to any type of round, flat or channeled surface on any standard Hand Truck or Ladder.
  • No special or additional tools required.

Program Support

  • Consumer Literature
  • POP Display
  • Product images
  • Co-Op Advertising

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